Cathy Ewing has been teaching social Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and Country Western dance since 1984 and for CFU since 1999.  She has been professionally trained as a dance instructor and continues her training with world-known pros through the BYU Ballroom Dance Program.  She trained in martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Woo Shoo, Aikido) and has a unique approach to teaching body mechanics, posture, balance, movement, and partnering.


Lila Horton has been teaching with Cathy and Company since 2005 and has studied dance since 1972.  Students love her sense of humor and fun approach to teaching both simple and complex dance patterns.  In September of 2009, Lila started teaching all classes for one year while Cathy was in Utah.  She also teaches for Denver and Englewood Parks and Recreation Centers.

Horton House Bed & Breakfast and Lila’s Ballroom 


Cathy and Company provides a unique approach to both the mental and physical and aspects of learning to dance with a partner. They have become known for their unique style of teaching social dance, partnering, and developing self-confidence in a fun, social atmosphere.  Emphasis is on understanding the basic techniques and body mechanics, which apply to all social dance, while learning patterns, techniques, and styles specific to each dance.  Repeat students, teaching assistants, and team-teaching offers greater individual assistance when needed.


Both instructors offer students multiple opportunities to join them and practice their skills at social dances around  town.




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