Regularly Scheduled Classes

All "Regularly Scheduled Classes" offer "FREE REPEATS" for as long as the class is being offered (and space is available).  If you've paid for one of these 4-week classes, at any time you can come back and take that class as often as you'd like until you feel you have mastered it all.  No need to register for your repeats, just drop by any night(s) the class is in session.

Note 'FREE REPEATS" are not available if you have NOT paid for the entire 4-Week Session.

Ballroom (Smooth)

Featuring American Style Waltz, Fox Trot, and Tango from basic steps to beautiful turns.  Experience the elegance and joy of dancing to Big Band Ballroom Music.  Have fun while learning the essential leading and following techniques and form to “moving as one” across the floor with a partner.  Click here for Ballroom Student Handout


Swing, Swing, Swing

Learn the basics of Swing dancing from Lindy Hop to Jitterbug, East Coast, and the sophisticated West Coast Swing.  This is a beginner's class where you will learn the similarities and differences in dances to help you move easily from one swing style to another.  Focus is on basic swing dance skills, rhythms, and leading/following while learning fun basic patterns.  Click here for Swing Student Handout.

Country Western

If you like country western music, you’ll love this class.  Specifically designed to be easy-to-learn, this class incorporates everything you will need to know to dance in a “country” club.  Featuring 2-Step, Triple Step, and Double Rhythm 2-Step this class is designed with leading and following techniques that will have you moving freely and smoothly with a partner and allow you the freedom and confidence to express your own creativity.  You’ll look and feel great after only one class.  Click here for Country Western Student Handout.

Latin Dancing

Learn the basics of American Style Cha Cha, Mambo, Salsa, Rumba and occasionally Samba (upon request) .  Easy to learn patterns with styling will put you in that passionate Latin mood.  These dances are very popular in both the ballroom and the nightclub settings and are very usable to a large variety of music including Latin, Rock and Roll, Pop, and Country Western.  Click here for Latin Student Handout.

Night Club Dancing

Night Club 2-Step (not Country Western) is one of the most suitable for the night clubs.  This dance is one of the most practical dances ever developed.  It can be used with a wide variety of slow to moderate tempo music.  This very attractive and romantic dance consists of simple, easy-to-learn patterns that will have you feeling like a pro in no time.  It can be done in a spot on a crowded floor or can travel elegantly around a large floor.  Men love the simplicity and versatility.  Click here for Night Club Student Handout.

Basic Dance Techniques

Designed for beginners to intermediate dancers who want to feel and look better while having more fun dancing with a partner.  Learn the secrets of how advanced dancers always look good and have a great time.  Learn to feel more comfortable asking someone to dance.  Discover how to get the most out of all your dance lessons.  Understand the common guidelines (rules) of social dancing.  Practice leading and following techniques.  See what makes them work.  Recognize rhythm patterns, counting phrasing, and the most usable dances for your music preferences.  Let go.  Just do it!  Make your dancing more fun.  This class will be part discussion and part practice of movement and techniques that are applicable to all social dances.  Bring all your questions and a notepad.  Click here for Basic Dance Techniques Student Handout.

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