Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a dance partner?

NO PARTNER IS NECESSARY.  In classes we rotate between partners so that everyone has an opportunity to learn and dance.  Also, our instructors are capable of dancing either as a lead or a follow and dance whichever part is needed.

What dance should I learn first?

That depends mostly on what music you like best. If you like Country music, you should learn Country dancing. If you like Latin American music, learn the Latin dancing. If you prefer, "smooth jazz" or Swing, then you'll want to learn Swing and Ballroom dancing. If like me, you like it all, well then there should be no limits to your dancing repertoire.

What age groups do you teach?

We will teach anyone ages -4 to 104+.

What shoes are best?

Shoes should stay on your feet.  Leather soles are preferred.  Open and sling pumps/flip flops are NOT recommended.  Athletic shoes are OK if they don't stick to the floor.  If you decide you are serious about learning to dance ballroom, you will want to purchase dance shoes.  Lila has a nice selection in stock. 

How should I dress for class?

Please dress clean, neat, comfortable, and casual with respect for other students.

How do I overcome my FEAR of dancing?

I believe people are afraid or too embarassed to dance or to learn to dance because they are focused too much on themselves.  If you start thinking more about your partner and others in the room and more about how THEY feel, you'll experience an amazing transition, your own fears will subside.   However, here's a LINK to another opinion.

What ages are in your classes?

Our classes usually range in age from about 16 to 80 years old.

What music should I buy to practice with?

Don't buy yet! You'll perform your best when dancing to your favorite music. Use the music you already have and like to get started. This will help you learn to put your steps to the music. Although all dances have styles of music that they were developed especially for, you'll get a "feel" for the music and the dance as you develop and get more involved in dancing. As you become more familiar with your steps and styling you will start listening to music differently (with your moves in mind). Only buy the music you really like.

Where can I go Social Dancing?

Click on the links below for a few options or go to my Suggested Links page for more places to dance in the Denver area. 

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